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After-sales Profit

Bandung machinery provides you with a perfect and meticulous service process

From the plant plan、Device selection、Transportation distribution、Installation training to the later sales,Give you a peaceful entrepreneurial experience

Service guarantee

Henan wanlong machinery“Close up、Intimate、Full life cycle、Full-value chain”Value service concept,Sincerely treat,Consistent
Serve the majority of users,Pre-sales,Sale,After-sales all-inclusive service,Let you save money more money。

Accessory service

Bandung machinery has a perfect after-sales fitting supply system,We provide you with all the mine machinery equipment produced by the company.,Model
Complete,Performance,Stable and durable。Ensure that the first time meets the customer's accessories replacement requirements,Reduce customer shutdown repair time。

Accessory service
Project service process

VIPLevel service experience

1.Project evaluation 2.Equipment supply 3.Device installation 4.Installation debugging 5.Staff training 6.After-sales service


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